School Features

School Features


1. Friendly Campus: We are the only one senior high school in Taiwan who won the award given by Ministry of Education.

2. Excellent and Qualified School: We won the affirmation of the Ministry of Education as one of the Excellent and Qualified Senior High Schools.

3. Three licenses: After studies and practice at school, students are prepared to get at least two C-Class licenses and one B-Class license.

4. Central air conditioning system: Each classroom is equipped with air conditioner which makes it comfortable for students to study in the hot and humid summer days in Taiwan.

5. Advanced facilities: Each classroom is equipped with a LED TV set, a projector and a computer.

6. Clean drinking water: The drinking water has done by Reverse Osmosis; it is very clean and safe.

7. School bus: There are 24 routes. It is convenient and safe for students to go to school.

8. Scholarship: We provide students who are in need, who are excellent in study, who are good at sports, and who perform well at workshop with all kinds of scholarship.