Brief History

Brief History


1935 ─ St. Aloysius Technical School was founded by Catholic Jesuits in Wuhu, Anhui, China.

1954 ─ Rebuilt in Hsinpu, Hsinchu, Taiwan and established a night school.

1958 ─ Converted into a secondary education school and had two departments: Mechanical      Technique and Electrical Technique Departments.

1965 ─ Upgraded to be a five-year senior vocational high school.

1968 ─ Converted into a three-year senior vocational high school.

1971 ─ Night school program was added.

1973 ─ Electronic Automatic Control Department was established.

1986 ─ Mechanical Technique Department, Electrical Technique Department, and Electronic Automatic Control Department were renamed Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, and Control Engineering Department.

1990 ─ Computer Engineering Department was established. There were in all four departments   then.

1994 ─ Improving teaching environment: Classrooms were equipped with central air conditioning systems.

1999 ─ The Control Engineering Department was renamed the Electronic Engineering Department.

2012 ─ Multimedia Design Department was established. Thus far, the school has 5 departments: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Computer, and Multimedia DesignDepartments.