Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Department


Education Goal

Our education goal is to equip students with basic industrial skills and advanced learning ability. Students learn knowledge of basic electricity, electric machinery, electronics, power transmission and distribution, etc. We train students the basic skills at the workshop: setting of the commercial wiring, industrial wiring and operate the electrical equipment, etc.


Academic Year

The First Year

The Second Year

The Third Year


Theoretical  Subjects

Basic Electricity Theory


Electrical Machinery

Digital Logic

Electronic Circuits

Industrial Wiring

Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution


Pneumatics Control

Workshop  Subjects

Basic Electrical Practice

Basic Power Distribution Practice

Electronic Practice

Digital Logic Practice

Programmable Logic Practice

Industrial Power Distribution Practice

Single-chip system Practice

Electrical Machinery Practice

Programmable Control Practice

Practical Project

Employment and further study

Employment: Graduates can apply the jobs at technical service of electrical manufactory, industrial wiring, and commercial wiring or any electricity business, etc.

Further study: Most of our students choose to go on their studies and go to technological college.