Technological and Vocational Education

Technological and Vocational Education


A. 100% academic advancement and 100% employment

1. Academic advancement:

(1) Vocational Stars Admission

(2) Admission by Referrals

(3) Admission by Skill Excellence

(4) Registration and Assignment

2. Employment: to obtain certifications to prepare students for employment

B. To make school campus excellent industrial learning environment

C. Focusing on both academic advancement and profession

  1. Professional theory study

2. To take tests of Skills Certification (three certificates in three years)

    (1) Excellent in Level C Skills Certification   (2) Excellent in Level B Skills Certification

  3. Certificates:

    (1) Web Design      (2) Industrial Electronics      (3) Commercial Wiring

    (4) Industrial Wiring  (5) Computer Aided Drawing  (6) Computer Hardware Fabrication