New node / 2010年校牧的話

Some words     by Fr. Emilio, SJ

Winter 1989, downtown Milan, Italy. The night is snowy and crisp. Inside the bar, already humid and smoky, the guitarist lights his cigarette, takes a long, patient drag and wedges it among the strings in the head of his guitar. As the smoke drifts from his mouth he begins moving his fingers across the fret board, the distortion turned up to eleven. The opening riffs of Van Halen's "Why can't this be Love?" crackle from the bending strings. Standing next to him, I watch his fingers glide effortlessly across the wood and steel. The toe of my boot taps to the chucky thumping as the bassist, my younger brother, and the drummer make their entrances. With my forehead already sweaty from the lights and body heat of the room, I gather the lyrics in my head, press the microphone to my lips and begin navigating through the first verse. The crowd packed tightly into the small place begins pulsing with the beat. I feel the palpable rush from that invisible electricity between band and crowd beginning to fill the room. As the music crescendos to the refrain, I saunter over to my brother's side of the stage area where he is cuing the approaching vocal harmonies. He steps up to his microphone and we belt out, "Why can't this be love?". That night was wonderful. And, yes, maybe because "love" is the most powerful feeling we can have. But how do a student can really love? Or how do a "pastor" can really love? First of all: don't do too much damage. My friends who are married often tell me the easiest thing in the world is to get up in the morning and be a bad father. The same is true of spiritual fathers. For this reason I tell you my top ten reasons to follow Jesus, so be careful: you must follow him, do not follow me, listen to him, don't listen to me. Here are the reasons I learned through my own experience: number 10: He's giving out free stuff. 9: Remember: Free stuff includes beef noodles. 8: Two words: avoid discouragement, because it tends to make you want to give up, so: love the Lord your God with all your heart, no matter what. 7: Heaven, yes. Hell, no. I like to win. 6: He'll make me a nicer person, which is nice. 5: He'll give my life meaning and purpose. 4: He can set me free from sin and gives me many friends. 3: I have come to trust Him, and only Him. 2: I've forgot this reason, maybe wasn't so important. 1: True love. He's the best friend I've ever had. Jesus is wonderful to know. There is no hypocrisy in Him. Just spending time with Him gives you life, peace, joy, and it meets your deepest needs of intimacy. He is the world's greatest lover. For all these reasons, our friendship here in Saint Aloysius School,  "Why can't this be (real) love" following the name of that song? So Jesus is telling us: "Do you love me? Follow me" …and we'll be wonderful friends. And at the end, the most important question I wanna ask you: Do you really like beef noodles?



1989年的冬天,在義大利米蘭城鎮的鬧區,那一晚下的雪給人清晰的感覺,在酒吧內早就煙霧迷漫而又潮濕。吉他手點起了他的香煙,深長地吸了一口,把它塞在吉他頂端上的和絃中。當煙從他嘴裡吐出,他的手指開始在指板上移動,破音效果變成十一。Van Halen的「Why can't this be Love?」這首歌開場的即性演奏,藉由推弦爆發出來。站在吉他手旁邊,我看著他的手指努力的在木板跟鋼條中滑動。我包覆在雪靴下的腳指頭,正當那位貝斯手,也就是我的弟弟,還有鼓手進場時 跟著節奏輕拍了起來。由於室內的燈光和人們的體溫,我的額頭早就流汗了,我在腦海中回想起那首歌的歌詞,並將麥克風靠近我的嘴巴,並且開始唱了第一段。被擠到一個很小地方的人群,開始跟著節拍跳動。我可以感覺到一股顯而易見的氣勢,因著人群跟樂團當中的亢奮,正要充滿整個屋子。當音樂回覆到副歌時,我走向弟弟靠近舞台的那一邊,他正準備要唱副歌的和聲,向前走近麥克風,我們兩個一起唱出「Why can't this be Love?」這句話。












他是我朋友當中最好的一位,耶穌是奇妙的,值得讓人認識,在他內沒有虛假,你只要花時間和他在一起,你就會獲得生命、平安、喜樂,而且這滿足你最深的親密感需求,他就是世界上最偉大的愛人,基於這些理由,我們在內思高工的友誼,就像這首歌名一樣「為什麼這個不能稱為真正的愛?(Why can't this be Love?)」。